Madison BALLERINA Jasmine - Semi Instant Satin Silk Mix

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Behind a soft name, there's a hidden characteristics of a demure looking girl yet strong in the inside. She is passionate, confident, meticulous, humble, stubborn, optimistic, fearless, dedicated, independent and conscientious. 

Sugarscarf's Ballerina celebrating women who wear scarves that flatter her heart and soul. This collection comes in both Madison and shawl. 

Material: Mixed Satin Silk

Type : Semi_Instant

Measurement: 195cm x 70cm +- 

Care: Simple hand wash with very light soap (eg: baby shampoo so its smells like newborn) Do not wring it, instead, hang it dry in the shade. Satin silk is a delicate material. We advise any satin scarf with magnet brooch. Handle with care as the material is easily scratch as its nature condition. Satin will make you look like million dollar baby when you wear it. So keep calm and wear Sugarscarf.



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