Raya2018 - #tudungSugarscarf #barulahRaya



Sugarscarf, we only use high quality chiffon and satin. We pride ourselves in sourcing for the best fabric and design. As for our inners, it is made from premium breathable and cooling material, which is suitable for Malaysia tropical weather.

This year, we bring to you more than 10 collections and mostly in easy to match colours. Rejoice! More than 200 scarves will be updated very soon!

For the upcoming Raya 2018, we focus on colourful exclusive minimal prints. Bold or pastels, we have both! As our exclusive prints, we choose butterflies and bees as our main design depicting summer all year round, just like our weather! Also, bees and butterflies are known to bring in prosperity and hope respectively. We look forward to seeing you style our new collection this Raya!

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