Sandy Beach Holiday 101

Sandy Beach Holiday 101
Who’s stopping you from enjoying a sunny day by the beach? With
all the scary pandemic hits our outside world, there is no reason why
we should not enjoy what’s available for us in our own beloved
Malaysia! – Providing we adhere to the SOP provided by the

We at Sugarscarf would like to be a part of your wonderful warm
sandy holiday with your loved ones! You can now take us with you by
remembering us and the tips we are about to share! (oh, and there’s
a new product for you too) – Read away :

Sunscreen is often underrated because most of us will still get lines of burnt skin on us anyway. Truth is, sunscreen is meant to protect you from harmful rays. Things you can’t see with the naked eyes but is super important to take note as in the long run, applying sunscreen is very helpful to prevent from skin cancer.

Ahhh~ The feel… Hence, why it is very important if you take the right shoes with you. And by shoes, we do mean slippers. Rubber slippers are much preferable because you don’t want to take extra sand remains back to your hotel room. Slippers or flip flops from rubber material are very easy to handle. Just tap it by any concrete or hard surface to clean and you’re all set to walk back to your hotel/chalet. We are talking what’s convenient here.

Okay, so you’re going to get wet. Definitely a swim or just soaking yourself in the shallow sandy beach is a must! Hence, do not forget to bring along with you an extra waterproof bag! Need not to be anything fancy. Reuse some old plastic bags or a waterproof shopping bag everyone probably already has nowadays. Affordable, useful and convenient as always

So treat this list in a no particular order. You got your loved ones checked, necessary skin care checked…what’s next? FOOD! It is not a holiday without good snacks present! Make sure to pack all good snacks with you. An alternative to a healthy consumption? Fruits! By the way, did you know the fact that if you are in charge of the snacking department then you are the most precious among your other travel members!

Now’s your chance to work on a fantabulous shoot with your loved ones all in one frame! Get stylish in a very convenient super easy way with plated scarf! Super lightweight and best part is, it is IRONLESS! Spend more time having fun rather than having to iron your outfit! Ironless pleated scarf is a perfect solution to complete your dazzling resort wear fashion outfit. Oh and of course you know where is the best place to get your super premium, super stylish with beautiful patterns and super affordable pleated scarves from? – Sugarscarf!

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