Remember Madison? 

Introducing the comeback of Madison, in an all new and improved style with added ANTI-VIRAL feature! Resume and uplift your active lifestyle with optimum comfort, style and protection in the new Madison Active Instant Shawl. 

"Having an active lifestyle is not all about keeping a nice body shape, it is for the health of your body and mind. It is appreciating your body and loving yourself."


Made from 100% polyester jersey with anti-viral technology mechanism that is durable, lightweight and breathable. It has mechanical stretch which reduces spandex content for a more lightweight feel, making it ideal for training and fitness activity. The capability to transport moisture of the fabric allows moisture from your skin to evaporate instead of being drawn into the material


The anti-viral technology actively inhibits viruses and kill bacteria upon contact with surface. By keeping the textile free of viable viruses and bacteria, the anti-viral technology minimize the potential for virus spread and further enhance your protection during outdoor activity.


The fabric reveals a different surface structure during stretch, enhancing it’s quick-dry properties that transports moisture from your skin to evaporate instead of being drawn into the material. This allows better absorption of sweat during your fitness session.


The mechanical stretch feature of the fabric reduces the use of spandex content which provides a lightweight feel to the wearer, promoting freedom of movement. 


The Madison Active long shawl comes with attached inner snowcap with tie-back that allows practicality and comfort to the wearer. The snowcap characteristic of the inner that does not cover the neck area gives an airy and breathable feel. 

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Innovative technology which inactivates bacteria andviruses, including 99.9% SARS-CoV-2, The virus responsiblefor COVID-19. Antiviral technology actively inhibits viruses and kill bacteria upon contact withsurface, minimizing the potential spread of virus.


The fundamental of the antiviral technology involves the presence of active-positive charges on fabric, as binding sites for virus. Upon contact with fabric, the virus cells which are negatively charged, are neutralized, subsequently leading to rapid destruction of its glycoprotein layers and release of non-infectious ribonucleic acid (RNA).