How do you feel about color in your SS scarf collection? Are you someone who travels the path of bold, loving your light minks, striking orange, bold abstract or taupe hijabs? Are you a fan of a certain color palette, tending to perhaps enjoy the realm of rosy pinks and a warm rosewood? Or, are you that “anything goes” lady who never met a color she wasn’t willing to try?

As the number of vaccinated people continue to wax COVID numbers (Alhamdulillah) continue to wane, we wanted to focus on color! We feel like most of us are ready to bring some color back into various areas of our lives. So as our hijabs!

SS has released many beautiful array of printed scarves across various categories – including our Korean Premium Mixed Chiffons, Premium Satin Shawl and Premium Cotton Voile – that are sure to bring some verve and excitement to your wardrobe!


Our ombre is love by everyone here! Adore the beautiful ombre colours. With cute overload pineapple charm as the sound of the Chinese word for pineapple is close to the sound of “good luck coming your way,” so the pineapple has become a popular traditional feng shui symbol of wealth, fortune, and prosperity!


A sprinkle of gold dust spread beautifully across the marble elements of the pleated shawl scarves, making it magical! No matter how old you are, never stop daydreaming. When life gets too much, take time to stop and do nothing. Yes, take time to pause and breathe, to just be in the moment of time passing by, and daydream. Dream to be fancy , be royal, be whatever you want to be :)


The iconic Monogram Pleats is here! Time to level up your scarf collection! Ironless and comfortable, plus long wide enough to style any time any where! 

The options are endless when it comes to fresh new colors for you! We’ve put a lot of thought into choosing what we hope are exciting new options based on the latest in color trends and technology, and we hope (if you haven’t already) you’ll take the color plunge!

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