Tips on Work From Home!

Tips on Work From Home!

Life totally changed after Covid-19 Pandemic. Drastically. Many working people start their working life at home. When you’re working from home, it’s easy to get distracted and it takes time to adapt. But don’t worry. Here are several tips work from home that can help you manage and do your work effectively without feeling exhausted

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Example; Task, Projects, Meeting, Deadlines. 
You can work from home effectively if you well organised your task and to-do list. So you know your goals and what you want to achieve every day.

Do not skip you morning breakfast; eat something substantial that can help you for a better day’s work. Your brain can’t keep working for hours straight and give it a rest. So take a coffee break and it gives you time to take your mind off of work. So you can feel better when you start again your work.

Find a table and chair so you more comfortable when doing your work. Make sure your table and your workspace always clean so
you’ll be more happier and productive. This is one of the reason to stay focused and concentrate on your work. Do prepare you laptop/desktop, notebooks, planner pen or anything else you need for your work.

Your phone is your enemy and can be a huge distraction when you are working from home. If you can see your phone you will not focus on your work and scrolling through all your social media platform. You have a ton of things to do but your time goes to unnecessary things. Just waste your time. Hide your phone is a great way to remove distractions and can focus your work more efficiently :)


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