Treat yourself with the best on a day of love, joy, and happiness.
Our first TSL scarves collection
Love by everyone, introducing bawal materia
Fun Prints
Each product comes with an inspiring message on the fabric. Inspiring messages help you put a positive spin on things, every day.
Honest reviews from authentic customers
"Being a mompreneur of 4 kids, nothing is better than having an effortless shawl that make your life runs smooth. I use them in most occasion. Work, travel, date-night you name it. My collection is getting bigger now!"
Lin A.
"First time hadiahkan mak shawl pleated..dan dia cantik sangat..❤️❤️❤️ Tak pernah dia try shawl sebelum ni🤭"

Nurul izreen M.
"The colour is so cantik. Senang match dengan banyak warna baju. The quality is good. Wash in delicate mode to ensure the pleats stay gorgeous."

Savannah Nguyen
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