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MRA 138 011


Product Description

High Quality Syria denim is made from denim material for body and awning. Suitable for everyday wear (school, office, mosque and etc). The best part , at Sugarscarf we rarely repeat the same design . Buy now or regret later :D

Material : High Quality denim

Type : Syria with soft denim for body and awning

Face Size : Free size. If loose u need to wear pin. Confirm purchase if u dont mind wearing brooch if loose. We suggest to sew a bit according to ur face size.

Body Size : M size. Abot 43 cm long from chin part.

How to wash:We recommend to lightly hand wash only. Use product softener instead of laundry detergent.

NOTE please take not that position of the design myabe different from pic, thus exchange is not allowed. color may be slighltly 10% different due to light. The color may be bright a bit due to light

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