Kelly Sofia Dark Plum

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Exclusive Satin Awning with Textured Chiffon Scarf

Semi-instant, criss-cross and rounded awning available.


The new Kelly Sofia is back and it's better than ever! All bold and vibrant colours for this newest range and it comes in six new colours to suit different moods and personalities. We believe bright colours are for those who is confident in their own rights, someone who seeks balance in constantly-moving world and for those who are not afraid to chase their dreams.
Dedicated to strong women out there, this one is for you!
1. Available in 6 new colours. Blue Aster (Blue), Pink Captive (Pink), Sunny Mellow (Yellow), Blissful Olive (Green), Dark Plum (Plum), and True Red (Red)
2. Crafted from premium quality material. Cotton viscose for the inner neck, bridal satin that is soft for awning and chiffon silk crumple for the shawl.
3. One kelly sofia can styles up tp 7 styles. Click here for tutorial
Or follow our instagram @sugarscarf and find hashtag #tutorialofficialsugarscarf
4. Within 15 seconds, a wearer can easily achieve a basic styling by only following two simple steps.
5. The length of the shawl can be adjusted suits to wearer preferences.
6. Follow sharia compliance. Suitable for hajj and umrah. Choose L size for more coverage.
7. The awning of the shawl is designed with a V shape, that will make your face look instantly slimmer.
8. Made with high quality durable material. You can sell back the hijab because of the high values of the and scarves. All of our scarves are designed exclusively for limited pieces.
9. All colours are customize specially for each collection.
10. One shawl is attached with the inner so it comes in one piece.
11. Patented under industrial design.
12. Comes in special box and perfect as a gift to loved ones or as to reward yourself
Kelly Sofia is made from premium chiffon crumple and satin inner that are sophisticated and elegance. It's a one piece timeless design, suitable for the women who are always on the go. It's a semi- instant shawl that requires no ironing but still stylish to wear. The new Kelly Sofia comes with softer awning this times, easy to wear and fuss-free.
Awning type: Criss- cross awning, inner neck is attached with the shawl.
Colour Issue: Due to high resolution, colour may vary from the real colour. It is may brighter 10 % because of the lighting.
Face size: Free size - more suitable for up to M size face. Wear pin/brooch for better adjustment and if it too tight, simply cut the V under the chin gpart to give better fit to your face.
Material: High quality chiffon crumple
For M size : 182 cm long (including the short part of the shawl) and 61.5 cm width
For L size : 187 cm long (including the short part of the shawl) and 69 cm width.
Care: Dry clean or a light wash will suffice. not mixed with other scarves. Do not mixed with other items.