Long ScarfTwilight Hawaii Blue Mixed Satin Matte
Long Twilight Hawaii Blue

Long ScarfTwilight Hawaii Blue Mixed Satin Matte

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Blue to white hues

Exclusive to Long Scarf Lovers!

58 cm x 189 cm

Ombre styles. Mixed Satin-Silk. Waterproof

A great companion for us ladies who prefer the ease of wearing long scarves! Worn as a hijab or accessorized as a turban of hair scarf, you can't go wrong with our Twilight long scarves!

The lowdown: A basic long shawl made of satin-silk fabric, that is both lightweight and comfortable.

Measurements: 58cm width by 188cm length

Material: Mixed Silk Satin

Colour: Due to the varying monitor and display resolutions, colour may vary slightly

Care: Minimal hand-wash / dry-clean

Refund policy: If you received a faulty item, this item can only be exchanged with a new piece of the same design and colour ONLY. Refunds will only be permitted if there are no items in stock for replacement.