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Full instant: CARA 004 DREAMY OCEAN
Baby blue with a deeper blue awning.

Cara Collection offers you the easy elegance and timeless aesthetic feels of hijab which gives you the sophistication and classic affairs in one whole design. This collection is the perfect embodiment of feminity as the flowy effect placed on top of the awning will give you that princessy feeling as the wearer. Soft and subtle yet still strong with the color choices. The difference pairs of colors for the awning and the shawl will bring wide choices for you to wear and to pair with your outfit! Simple and elegant - everything that you want in a shawl!


  1. Very easy to wear, just simply slide on the shawl and you're done!
  2. Every colour is customized by us!
  3. Takes less than 10 second to wear it!
  4. No inner required since it's an instant shawl.
  5. The flowy effect at the side of the shawl gives a romantic princess vibe.
  6. Our product is very durable and lasts for a long time.
  7. The length of the shawl is adjustable to suit your preference.
  8. The quality for the fabric can be retained for a long time.
  9. Requires no pins for a full flowy effect and minimum usage of pins for any simple styles.
  10. Very versatile to style it, in fact it can be styled more than 3 ways!

Description: A patented Ready-to Wear Instant headscarf hijab design ; Cara collection is "the new seduction!”. Do opt for a voluminous easy-to-wear hijab rather than something stiffer to create a more modern and less suggestive finish. You just slide it on in less than 10 seconds and you are ready to go! It looks wrapped, but it doesn't have any extra layers underneath as a result of wrapping. It has a 10 inch length of cascading shawl that's attached to the awning of the hijab that is sure to be the focal point. It is 25cm from the chin to bottom when laid on a flat surface. It has a cris-cross awning made of 100 % breathable cotton and 3% elastic to make the fabric stretchable and lay perfectly on your forehead. The high quality chiffon shawl drapes perfectly around the neck. It does not includes an INNER NECK, but the materials for the shawl used are picked to suit hijabi women for their aurah coverage which are loose and soft, light yet durable.

Awning Type: Criss-cross awning

Material: Hiqh quality chiffon

Color Issues: Due to different resolutions, color may vary from real life. It may be brighter by 10% due to lighting.

Opacity: 60% opaque

Measurement: 190 cm diameter (followed the curved shape of the shawl) and 66 cm wide (when laid on a flat surface)

Care: Machine wash, cold (up to 30°C)


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