TWILIGHT Purple Taffy mixed satinSilk - SEMI INSTANT (very minimal defect)

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Wrap and Style! Favourite! Semi Instant style

Ombre styles. Mixed Satin-Silk and cotton viscose Inner

Introducing our latest and greatest: the Madison Twilight collection! We've taken major inspiration from nature's very own colour palette; our Madison Twilight is a reflection of the stunning hues found in the sky during twilight. The soft illuminating hues of warm sunset tones and smokey twilight afterglow, mimicking the perfect ombre wash of all the right colours.

Material: Mixed Silk Satin (washable ) plus breathable cotton viscose for inner

Length: 190 cm x 65 cm

Size : Free Size ( please ignore the tag ) it means for shawl size

Awning type: Criss / Cross

Care: Minimal hand-wash / dry-clean

Due to the delicate nature of the fabric, there will be minor wrinkling and bunching at the seam where the cotton inner and the satin fabric meet.

TIP: A little bit of ironing will help to smoothen out the seams a little bit. This scarf is meant to be styled with the longer side draped over the seam to disguise the bunching.

Colour: Due to different monitor and screen resolutions, the colour may vary slightly. About 15% bright or less. The color is about gray-ish and dusty peach

Refund policy: If you received a faulty item, this item can only be exchanged with a new piece of the same design and colour ONLY. Refunds will only be permitted if there are no items in stock for replacement.