Premium Reseller

Regular price RM249.00 MYR Save RM0.00 MYR

Valid only for online purchase!

This package entitles :
1 newsletter each week on tips on how to sell
1 scarf of your choice! Can be worth up to RM 165
8% comission on every normal priced item. For items on discount, 3% will be deducted, which means you will receive 5% instead. Which means the more higher price of the product is the more cash you ll get! Example for twilight : RM165
Customer pay RM165, you ll just have to pay 151.80 which mean you get RM13.20. Imagine if you can take up to 10 scarves per day , you ll get RM132 per day!
Our rules are simple :
  • Mantaining target sales of minimum at least 20 scarves per month. If there is no minimum target hit in 2 months, account will be deactivated without notification.
  • This membership is only for Online-use.

If you have exceeded target sales, you will be upgraded to upper level and receive up to 15% comission. We will discuss more after you have sign up the package.

Who is suitable for this package?
Perfect for students, part timers, housewives or simply for anyone who wants extra cash without buying ready stocks. We will take care of the delivery parts! All you have to do is to do good reviews and some other tips which we will email you moving forward!
How does it work?
1. Purchase this membership.
2. We will upgrade your account to reseller account.
3. Everytime you get a customer to purchase the scarf, simply order and fill in the shipping information with your customer details.
4. Your customer will have to pay full price as per the website. ( not your price )
5. Simply pay what is indicate in the total.
6. You will keep the balance money of what the customer has paid for, as part of your income.
7. We will take care of everything, from processing order and delivery or even returns! T&C applies