RUMA Pink Set Combo ( Scarf and Bag )

RUMA Pink Set Combo ( Scarf and Bag )

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Ruma 1995 ; a collection that triggers your emotion to  reminisce the celebration of Hari Raya with your loved ones.. No aircond, just the comforting wind breezing through the vintage curtain. No gadgets just laughters and real conversations. I miss my late grandmother on my father's side as well as my grandmother at our kampung. I wonder how she’s doing at this time. I remember how I used to play some traditional games with my aunties and cousins. My fav was ‘congkak’ because i didn’t have to run! Man, the tap and run game was definitely not for me- literally out of breath every time we played. I also remember how exhausted i was after playing that game, so I would find a small fan and lay down just beside it. Others would come and lay down with me too. Can you imagine how small the fan was? Sometimes I wonder if I can have that moment again. All the great memories at my kampung like overseing a dawn scenery are so personal and priceless for me. Thus I introduce you, made with love from our team, a new remarkable collection for this Raya: Ruma 1995 - Eyqa Sulaiman, founder.


Product Information :

Size: 37 x 37 x 12 cm ( canvas )

Material: Laminated jute bag 


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