Colour Yourself Confident

I was scrolling through my old travel photos and was taken into a walk down memory lane of how wonderful it feels to travel.. To discover the hidden gems of an unknown street that my feet had never walked on. That’s when I began to look up places that I’ve never travelled to (dreaming that once the pandemic is over I can travel again!) andd I came across pictures of this beautiful country. A country that is full of colourful and vibrant vibes in every corner of its street. A country that is so lively that you just want to sink yourself in all those beautiful colours around you! 



This place has also become my source of inspiration for Sugarscarf’s 2021 Eid release, do you think you can guess it? Or maybe most of you already know that it’s Morocco! Aah what a lovely country! It inspires me to release a colourful and vibrant Eid collection this year because although time is uncertain now, I want all of you to give out a bright, vibrant, and colourful vibe on Raya! Because what is Raya without colours right?


I want to bring more colours and prints into your wardrobe! A piece that can make a perfect match with your plain kurungs and kebayas or a piece that uplift your make-up! It’s time to be confident, to own and wear more colours, and to bring more splashes of patterns into the room. Last week, my team and I released the FIRST series of our Eid collection this year called Colours of Morocco that comes in 7 distinctive mix satin silk square scars. And.. we have more coming.. So keep a close eye alright!