Do’s and Don’ts with a Pleated Shawl!

Sometimes you’ve kept your pleated shawl folded in the closet for way too long till it leaves a displeasing folded line right? And sometimes when you try to iron it, it somehow ruins the pleats of the shawl. Well I got just the right trick up in my sleeve in ironing your pleated shawl the right way!

Using A Steam Iron


Using a steamer is always more handy to ease out folded lines on a pleated shawl, but if you stretch the shawl WHILE steaming it, it might cause the pleated lines of the shawl to break and make it uneven.


Just steam very lightly! Heat up the steam iron for a while, and then steam with light touches for a few seconds on the areas of the vertical folded line. Your pleat shawl will look good as new! 

Using press iron 

No steamer? Use a press iron! I get it… most of us have a press iron instead of a steam iron at home right? And it’s okay because that works too! You just have to be very careful when ironing a pleated shawl using a press iron. 


Okay first things first, do NOT press the iron too hard on the material of your pleat shawl. Again, too much pressure is bad and will only cause your pleated shawl to be ruined, and the pleats to be flatten! 


Iron very lightly in up and down motion along the line where the creases can be seen. Ironing this way will fix the folded lines of the shawl without flattening the pleats of it! 

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