Preetea Hi-tea: Tips, Tricks & Top 3 Square Hijab Picks

Preetea Hi-tea: Tips, Tricks & Top 3 Square Hijab Picks
Your best friend calls you and says.. “Get ready, we’re invited for a special Hi-tea tonight!”. So you’re left standing there to figure out what to wear for the night in a short time? Okay, 3 words you should hold on to when going for a hi-tea is to wear something that says; elegant, classy and modest!

Don’t go too crazy or too vibrant, sometimes it’s best to keep it minimal, but with subtle patterns too. Wear neutral colour dresses, skirts or jumpsuits and pair it with an elegant square hijab! Specifically a mixed satin silk square! Why do you wonder?

A square hijab is already known as a type of hijab that will bring the classic in a lady out, and the characters of a mix satin silk square material that is soft, with subtle shines is what makes it elegant and timeless especially for a night occasion, as the lights in the room will reflect on the satin silk material and makes it pop out. Hints of floral prints on the hijab is a definite plus point too as it will make it a perfect pair with your neutral colour outfit!
We’ve picked the top 3 mix satin silk square from our latest The Iconic You: Blooming square to save you! 

It is a dusty pink square hijab that speaks minimalism as the floral prints are very subtle and modern, with colours that are not too vibrant. It also gives you a professional attitude to your look!

A white square hijab with blue vintage floral details that is a definite eye-catcher. A piece that will turn heads and be the topic of the table.

The abstract fusion colour of yellow and bright pink will uplift your whole look and give you a happy glow. Just remember to take a sun-kissed selfie! 
Can't get enough of these elegant looks? Check out our Blooming series mix satin silk square collection

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