Premium Cotton Voile – Reasons Why You Should Complete Your Look with It

Premium Cotton Voile – Reasons Why You Should Complete Your Look with It
Heyyo Ladies! Not sure if you’ve noticed, but just in case you haven’t… SS premium cotton voile  hijabs are having a moment! After a much-anticipated wait, 7 of our most favorite printed color designs are back in stock, as well as the shawl version size. All this Cotton Voile excitement has us buzzing, so let’s spend the last month of the year talking about these beauties!

Our Premium Cotton Voile were our first existing hijab line that we revisited to see if they could be produced in a more sustainable way. Sustainability is not a new concept for SS; our commitment to making sure new products (like our Anti-viral Madison Instant Hijab and our Premium Mixed Satin Silk before that) are created more sustainably with more eco-friendly fabrics is coupled with a look at existing hijab lines as well to see what can be produced more sustainably :)

With this in mind, back in the mid 2021 we went deep into the world of premium cotton voile fabrics, drawing on our own learning and experience of using bamboo for our first 7 best seller printed designs, studying the cotton voile further and drawing on research by few companies to understand how it performs and why it’s a better.

We were intentional with our printed design choices, knowing that this was going to drop in the endth of this year, and so we wanted them to work well especially for your holidays!

Wash & Care for These Beauties :

It's a good idea to wash vibrant colors printed alone the first time to make sure they don't discolor other items. Soft fabrics like cotton voile or jersey are naturally more prone to pilling than more "crisp" or synthetic fabrics like our premium chiffon. To prolong the life of your cotton voile hijabs as long as possible, hand-washing is encouraged!

Care instructions:

1. Machine-wash warm with only other scarves in like colors, or hand-wash in mild detergent. Do not use bleach. (It’s important not to mix them in with bulky items like jeans or sweatshirts that can twist, pull or rip your hijabs. A good tip is to use a fabric care bag to protect these hijabs in the washer and dryer.)
2. Tumble dry low and remove immediately, or hang or lay flat to air-dry.
3. For makeup or oil stains, spot-treat with color-safe stain remover (our favorite is OxyClean) and then wash as normal.
4. Steam or iron on medium heat to get wrinkles out. (Storing them right away after you wash or use them can save a lot of time later! Helpful hint – if you roll them rather than fold, it can further help to reduce wrinkles!

We hope you love our Premium Cotton Voile Prints as much as we do!

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