Tips for Travelling Light

Tips for Travelling Light

It’s the weekend getaway time! Time to splurge on a relaxing experience with your loved ones over the weekend by escaping to some of the best cuti-cuti Malaysia spots! While the sound of the idea of a weekend getaway may already exert an adrenaline rush to your spine, the anxiety has probably started to kick in too at the thought of packing. Oh yes, planning for packing is crucial so that you will only carry what’s important but enough to have a few wardrobe changes for those perfect OOTDs! The only question is, how?

Sugarscarf is willing to help! Because believe it or not, our team are facing the exact situation as yours! Hence, here are a few tips we have compiled on
How to Travel Light :

You are only away for the weekend so it is only relevant to bring the clothing and items that fulfill your two to three-day agendas. 

We doubt so. Such planning is crucial as it allows you to foresee what’s coming up ahead and to only pack the attire that will suit the activity.

If you are out for a good food with good companies, make sure not to spill any food or drinks on your outfit. Carelessness could cause a waste to your outfit availability during your holiday period.

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Happy packing everyone

Wishing your entire family a wonderful weekend getaway!
A friendly reminder to always keep your distance when around people! #kitajagakita

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