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Abu Hurayra reported that the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "Give gifts and you will love one another.

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We are queen of prints!

We are the people who love prints and colours. In Sugarscarf, we offer blooming and abstract prints made by our in house designer and sourced throughout the world. We also work with international textile designers. So, let us help you to create the look that you will love! Match this printed shawl with your plain outfit to give you confidence everywhere you go.

Fun Packaging

Our exceptional packaging is the solution for any occasion. We believe that you and your loved ones deserve only the best! We also aim to spread joy as we believe that when a woman sees a beautifully packaged product, it gives them suspense and excitement! Wait for it.. we also like to surprise you by giving you a different packaging from time to time.. we can’t wait to see your excitement

Luxurious Feels

We only provide the best for our customers, hence why quality is the most important factor in choosing the material for our product. Therefore only the finest material will be selected by our team for every collection. We guarantee you that we have it all: Work Ready, travel friendly, and easy breezy material!. So ladies, take your pick from our wide range of scarf designs.