Extra Cash From Home

How to apply?
Buy anything above RM100 for registration
You need to maintain RM500 total purchased every month to get a dropship account or else account will be turn to normal account. This is only apply for ONLINE based. If your previous current month has history purchased of RM500 in total you can apply for one! 

7% - 10% comisyen for normal price items! 

Market our product through your social media

T&C :
You need to be active with sales of at least RM500 per month
You will be given 1 month period to keep account active
How much can I earn?
New collection ( Normal Price Item )  = 7% - 10%
For every set you sell, you will earn let say 7% from 100 = RM7
If you sell 10 scarves everyday, you can earn up to RM2100 cash in one month, just from the comfort of your home. That 's not including if you have extra fee charge to customers as Personal Shopper! How amazing!
The Benefits ? 
No need to buy products
No upfront or any registration
All orders is fulfilled by Sugarscarf Team. 
Rewards for top achiever
Telegram sales group
How do I start?
Broadcast to your friends contact number / facebook friends / social media friends 
about Sugarscarf's product and How to wear video
Terms and Conditions
Maintain purchase RM500 in total / month
Need to purchase RM100 + RM20 registration fees for second apply
If not active you need to purchase
Loyalty Points is not valid for PS / Dropship account
No commission discounts on items on sale more than 30% off
How do I register
Kindly whassap ur order no to