#RAYA 2021

Makin' u smile with Colours!

Another collection that would make you the talk of the town is Sugarscarf Colours of Morocco Collection!

Every piece is inspired by the colourful and vibrant vibes of Morocco street that not only uplift your daily look but is catered well for a modern elegant modest and modern women we all are.

A style of strength & dignity

What's so special about this collection?

The beautiful range of elegant colours and patterns will create an effortless look with your EID MUBARAK attire! Wrap your Colours of Morocco scarf over a plain elegant kurung and the rest will never go wrong!


   Elegant with Colours of Morocco...

A little touch of natural hue but still look flawless on the wearer, our Colours of Morocco range is something you don’t want to miss having in your wardrobe. Made of mix satin material, the Colours of Morocco Square scarf is very comfortable and gives you the best awning to be worn all day long minus any hassles especially on RAYA! 

It's best for you to don a plain outfit with a stunning handbag to pair with your overall look while donning our Colours of Morocco Square scarf. A definite show stopper you are!

" One essential item (and exclusive too!) that we think is a must-have for every woman on Eid Mubarak! "