Sameera Cotton Lucky Green

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SMC cotton 151 020

Product Description

High Quality Syria Cotton Strechable With Rich Quality Awning in coy material. The corduroy material is rich making the hijab look stunning when wearing.

Material : Premium Quality Cotton Strechable , premium quality corduroy awning

Type : Syria with soft awning

Face Size : Free Size. If loose have to wear brooch. and definitely not for small size face

Body Size : M - about 39 cm from under chin. It can be 1 size down or 1 size up from stated

How to wash:We recommend to lightly hand wash only. Use product softener instead of laundry detergent.

NOTE please take not that position of the design myabe different from pic, for example the position of flowers, thus exchange is not allowed. color/brightness of the product may be slighltly 10%-15% different due to light

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