Hijabi Essential: Black Series Square

Hijabi Essential: Black Series Square
Let’s face the fact of a common hijabi problem; sometimes it’s a struggle to find the right hijab colour to match with your outfit and the look you’re going with. Getting ready might be the best time of the day or the worst when you just can’t seem to find the perfect outfit and hijab that goes well together. Having a hijab colour that matches with your outfit not only elevates your outfit game, but it can also brighten your facial look with or without makeup! Thus, having a hijab that can fit well with any looks and outfits issss a must! 
So what’s the hijab colour that everyone needs? A BLACK scarf! A black scarf is the hijabis definition of the little black dress, you need it, at least one, or even more than one. Because one can never have enough black scarf. It matches ANY look and ANY outfit. Casual? Simple? Fancy? A black scarf is there to save your day.
Here’s an extra tip on how to style a black scarf with your outfit featuring Sugarscarf's Mystic Forest Collection: Black Series Square! It comes in 12 distinctive designs of mix satin silk square with elements of black and florals. All things elegant, mysterious and luxe, in one collection.
On casual days where you’ll be going out to run errands, pin your scarf to the back and bring the two ends to one side of your shoulder. Pair it with your casual outfit; shirts and jeans, or turtlenecks with ribbed skirts or sweatshirts with sweatpants. This is an easy-to-manage style that is simple and breezy!
Have an important meeting? Drape your black square scarf in this style! Pin on the middle, bring one end to the back over the shoulder, pin it, and tie a “rope” style on the other end that is at the front. Pair it with your formal outfits; blazers, jumpsuits or blouses with flared pants. This hijab style calls for a more sophisticated and clean look!
Love a more subtle and classic square hijab look? Try out this style! Lengthen one side of your scarf before pinning it in the middle, and drape the long side over your head and secure it with a pin. Pair this sweet hijab look with your baju kurung, long tunics or long flared dress!
Want to see more of our black series square? See it here

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