January means... It's time for no-snag magnetic pins!

January means... It's time for no-snag magnetic pins!

It’s already January 2022! What better accessory to begin the year than with our revolutionary magnets? Currently available in four colors - Gold, Silver, Rose Gold and Gunmetal, these beauties have single handedly made holes and snags a thing of the past :) But for now, we only give it FOR FREE! (Min purchase RM350 hehe)

The remarkable thing to know about our magnets is their incredible strength. They work well with all the fabrics we carry - Premium Korean Chiffon, Cotton Voile, Mixed Satin Silk, you name it! What we particularly love about this accessory is how it has virtually solved one of the most common problems women have in wrapping their hijabs: pin holes and snags that can ruin your hijab :( especially ones that you may wear frequently. Many of us have lost a favourite hijab to over usage and snags from our safety pins or straight pins, right?

Our No-Snag Hijab Magnets offer the function and security of a traditional safety pin in an ultra-strong magnet that won't snag even the most delicate fabrics, like our chiffon or silk. The finish is crafted from nickel-free zinc alloy for a brilliant shine that won't bother sensitive skin, promise!

But wait…

It ain’t only for hijab, if you think out of the box, you can get creative with it! Like :

  1. Using them to close an open-collared shirt (instead of using a safety pin)
  2. As cufflinks (yes!)
  3. Securing your hijab to your shoulder so that it looks drapey and effortless but doesn’t keep slipping
  4. Using it for sewing or hemming, as in keeping the folds of a fabric secure while you stitch it together!
  5. Using it to keep curtains closed together, often in hotels! Haahaa…
  6. Securing birthday decorations to curtains. (How brilliant is that?)
  7. As buttons on your shirt. (We all hate it when our shirt gapes open.)
  8. Using it to gather fallen pins off the floor
  9. Posting pictures on the fridge

We mean… So many uses! We never could’ve imagined it when we conceived the idea for specially-designed, super strong hijab magnets. If you haven’t tried them, maybe now is the time!

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